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Automated monitoring,
tampering check,
and update management of your website 24/7.
By simply registering URLs, you will get a website monitoring service that detects abnormalities, manages domain name, and SSL renewal timing.

Screen capture of the Appmill.

Let Us Take Care of Your Website

Transmission and Display Speed

Automatically checking the communication status of web pages in every five minutes.

Domain and SSL Expiration Date

Domain and SSL batch management of expiration dates, notification of renewal dates.

Detection of Tampering and Malware Intrusion

Automatically detect malicious attacks such as tampering and malware intrusion.

6 Advantages of Using Appmill

Detecting Anomalies on the Page Allows for Quick Response.

Monitors web page display delays and transmission errors on your behalf.

Reminds Domain and SSL Renewal Period

Occasional tasks can be managed smoothly with notifications.

Monitoring Status Can Be Shared Among Multiple Accounts

Monitoring data can be shared within the company or with clients with only an email address.

Monitors Multiple Pages with Scenario Monitoring

Appmill can detect transmission anomalies of up to five URLs simultaneously for each URL.

Choose Your Own Notification Methods: email, Chatwork, Slack, Phone, and SMS

You can flexibly select the most suitable notification method according to your operating environment.

Paid Plans Covers Monitoring Security Aspects

In addition to alive monitoring, Appmill can also detect malicious attacks such as web page tampering.

A URL Monitoring Service Developed by a Trusted MSP Company
That is Specialized in Cloud Server Operation, Maintenance, and Construction.

More Than 4500 URLs Are Registered

Since 100 URLs can be monitored for free, Appmill can be used to monitor multiple web pages such as corporate sites, recruitment sites, service sites and landing pages. In addition, companies that specialize in web production can automatically monitor the client's web page for stable display 24 hours a day, 365 days after delivery.

Handling All Your Server Needs
Account registrations are on the rise!

Unique Features of Appmill

Why Choose Appmill?
01 Functions

Low-cost monitoring of all 11 items. Quickly and Easily Installation.

Appmill automatically checks the status of your website 24/7 from multiple perspectives. All you need is an email address, a password, and a URL. You can start anytime.

*6 items with the free plan, 11 items with the paid security plan
02 Price

Up to 100 Free URL Registration. Not a Trial, Free Forever.

Appmill has been developed for professional use from the free plan, so it can be safely used even if you are operating and managing a large-scale site or multiple sites.

03 Development

Developed By A Company Specialized In Server Operation and Construction. A Full-fledged System From A Professional Perspective.

Appmill is a service developed by a trusted Japanese MSP company that has operated and built servers for more than 500 companies. It is not only easy to operate, but also has a sufficient support system to ensure that you can use it with peace of mind.

Appmill in 2 minutes!


You can check the video for a quick recap of Appmill.

Appmill Basic Functions

Free Plan up to 100URLs

6 Monitoring Functions can be used to monitor 100URLs for free

Heartbeat Monitoring icon

Heartbeat Monitoring

Checks to see if the web page can be accessed without problems. You will be notified when there is an abnormality in the network, etc.

Response Time Check icon

Response Time Check

Checks the response speed of web pages. Collected data can be viewed in a graph. Response speed thresholds can be freely set, and alerts are sent when response is slower than set.

Status Code Check icon

Status Code Check

Checks the HTTP status of the web page. Normally 200 is normal, but you can customize it to allow other status codes. Notifies you of an alert when the status is not allowed.

Domain Expiration Check icon

Domain Expiration Check

Domain expiration date checks are performed on a daily basis. Domains are renewed at most once a year. The system supports you in managing complicated expiration dates.

Click here to request the management and acquisition of a domain name
SSL Expiration Check icon

SSL Expiration Check

SSL certificates which become common have an expiration date like domains. Sites that are not being displayed correctly due to missing updates will not be a problem anymore

Click here to request the management and renewal of SSL certificates
Error Scenario Monitoring icon

Error Scenario Monitoring

When an alert occurs, scenario monitoring is performed at the same time to automatically check for other affected pages. The results of the scenario monitoring check are also notified together with the alert.

Alert Notification Method


Notification method can be selected for each monitored URL.

Email Notification icon

Email Notification

Notification of alerts via email is available with basic functions.

Chatwork Notification icon

Chatwork Notification

Notification of alerts through Chatwork is available with basic functions.

Slack Notification icon

Slack Notification

Notification of alerts via Slack is available with basic functions

Phone Notification icon

Phone Notification

Alert notification is available by phone when purchase of credit pack occures

SMS Notification icon

SMS Notification

Purchase of a credit pack lets alert to reach you via SMS

Initial and Monthly fee is free!

You can start using the service immediately.


You can register 100 URLs now. *End date to be determined.

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Security Plan Exclusive Features

Security Plan Exclusive Features

Additional security features with paid plans! Extra 5 extended functions for trusted site management

>HTML Difference Comparison icon

HTML Difference Comparison

The HTML of the retrieved page is compared with the content of previous day's. If an unintended change is detected, there is a risk of tampering, so you can notice it early and reduce the damage.

Snapshot Comparison icon

Snapshot Comparison

Some tampering cannot be detected only by checking HTML. Appmill compares the screen that the user is actually viewing and can even check whether unintended content is being displayed.

Malware Protection icon

Malware Protection

Security measures are essential to ensure that users can use the site with peace of mind. You can automatically check the content with Appmill which prevents you from spending extra time for manual work.

Social Engineering Measures icon

Engineering Measures

Failure to take action against social engineering can significantly affect search engine results. With the introduction of Appmill, you can quickly notice and take countermeasures.

Broken Link Check icon

Broken Link Check

Broken links within the page will be detected automatically and you will be notified with the results. You can achieve this by only registering a URL.

Steps to Implementation


It only takes 3 minutes. Easy to start.

Account Registration Screen

Register an Account

Enter your email address and password on the user registration page to open an account.

Monitoring URL Registration Screen

Monitoring URL Registration

Register the URL(s) of the web page to be monitored. *A period of up to one day may be required before monitoring begins.

Monitoring Settings Screen

Set Up Monitoring

Enter the settings screen for the registered URL and configure the notification method, timeout seconds, status code values and scenario monitoring settings.

Start for Free



You can change the plan only for the URLs for which you want to add security features.


Register up to 100 URLs
0 yen/month
  • Transmission Status Check
  • Display Speed Check
  • Status Code Check
  • Domain Expiry Date
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date
  • Scenario Monitoring*
Start for free

Security Complete

Monitoring for Security Purpose
10780 yen/month
(about $88)
*Per URL
  • Transmission Status Check
  • Display Speed Check
  • Status Code Check
  • Domain Expiry Date
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date
  • Scenario Monitoring*
  • HTML Differential Comparison
  • Snapshot Comparison
  • Anti-malware
  • Social Engineering Measures
  • Broken Link Check
Start for free

*Up to 5 URLs per URL can be added to the scenario monitoring.


Want to Receive Notifications by Phone or SMS? Just Purchase a Notification Credit Package.

If you would like to receive notifications through methods other than email, Chatwork, or Slack, you can add the notification methods with the purchase of a credit package. Additional notification methods can be configured on a per-URL basis, so credit packages are not consumed for unnecessary notifications. It is also possible to apply additional notifications only for periods of time that you want to pay particular attention to.

*Notifications available for the free plan are only for email, Chatwork, and Slack.
Email icon

Email Notifications


Chatwork logo

Chatwork Notifications


Slack logo

Slack Notifications


SMS icon

SMS Notifications

Per Notification
2 Credits

Phone icon

Phone Notification

Per Notification
3 Credits

Credit Package

100 Credits

  • About 50 SMS notifications
  • About 33 phone notifications

Credit Package

330 Credits

30 bonus credits!
  • About 165 SMS notifications
  • About 110 phone notifications

Credit Package

600 Credits

100 bonus credits!
  • About 300 SMS notifications
  • About 200 phone notifications
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